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ION 8000

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     The ION-8000 series LED Light Source is an 80 watt 24V multi-controllable and configurable fiber optic illuminator for the architectural and commercial lighting, sign and pool and spa markets. It can be configured with white light or RGB or RGB+W LEDs with a stand-alone program, DMX, RS232 Serial or RF. LED options include RGB, RGB+W. Cool White and Warm White. Discreet colors upon special order, contact the factory for availability.


     The ION-8000 RGB Series LED Light Source is a RGBW multi-controllable light engine designed for the outdoor architectural, pool and spa industry. This light source can be controlled as a standalone or can be programmable using DMX 512, RS232 SERIAL or RF.


     The ION-8000 RGB DIS Series LED Light Source supports a 16-bit control resolution per output channel for accurate dimming and fine color mixing.


     Three times quieter due to the ION’s Sync® module creates turbulent, pulsated air-jets that can be directed precisely to locations where thermal management is needed. The vortex-dominated SynJet flow enhances small-scale mixing near the heated surfaces to yield higher effective heat transfer at low-volume flow rates compared to conventional air movers. The SynJet flow is created using a patented actuator technology and proprietary fluidic packaging expertise.


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Features The ION-8000 features no serviceable or moving parts. A fan less SynJet® Cooler provides for quiet and efficient heat sink cooling. A 120W/24V power supply rated for 100-240VAC and 277VAC for North America only is included. Optional dimming transformer is available.


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CK30 - .75mm Raw Fiber - Spool CK30 - .75mm Raw Fiber - Spool
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25 Strand Endglow Fiber 25 Strand Endglow Fiber
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50 Strand Endglow Fiber 50 Strand Endglow Fiber
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75 Strand Endglow Fiber 75 Strand Endglow Fiber
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100 Strand Endglow Fiber 100 Strand Endglow Fiber
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